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Bride and groom gifts

A personal jewellery makes a wonderful gift for both brides and grooms to give each other. Necklaces, or diamond or pearl earrings, are popular gifts often given to the bride. Men will sometimes receive a pair of beautiful cufflinks in gold or platinum in a gift exchange between bride and groom.

Examples of bride and groom exchange gifts

We have put together a small selection of jewellery often given in a gift exchange between the bride and groom. However, your imagination is the only limit, so visit us in the shop and let us help you find the perfect gift for your bride or groom.

Bride and groom gift exchange

At Apel in Copenhagen, we offer expert guidance and attention paid to the individual, to help you choose the perfect wedding gift for your loved one. We have jewellery for both women and men, with gemstones and pearls in classic styles as well as more modern, innovative designs. Our jewellery comes from small productions and many pieces are handcrafted - the perfect opportunity to give a unique and personal gift.

Have a very personal piece of jewellery designed especially for him or her

Would you like to give a completely personal piece as a bridal gift? Then have some jewellery designed to represent something significant - a gift that you will both feel is special to give and to receive. At Apel Goldsmiths, we have many years of experience in designing and creating completely personal jewellery based on our customers’ ideas and preferences.

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Almost two centuries ago, Peter Hertz opened a jewelry store in the middle of Copenhagen.
Since 1834, his visions for handmade jewelry, exquisite quality and personal service have been absolutely central.

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A time-honoured tradition

The gift exchange between bride and groom the day after the wedding is an ancient tradition that goes back hundreds of years. In many places in Europe, the tradition is known as the ‘morning gift’, a form of insurance for the bride - a way for her to survive financially if she should end up alone. It was also a way to thank the bride for the gift of her virginity. It is from there that the idea of the ‘morning gift’ originated, because it was always presented to the bride the morning after the wedding.

From money and land to jewellery

This gift originally consisted of a sum of money or a small piece of land. Today, it is most often a piece of jewellery. It could be a necklace with a beautiful pendant, or a ring or bracelet. Preferably with a diamond or another, more colourful, gemstone. It could also be a pearl necklace. Men usually receive a pair of cufflinks. Jewellery is the most customary choice, and it is wonderful to receive an exclusive and traditional gift that will last.